No matter how much I want to blame and whine and scream. I breathe, I take a moment ad I create a solution.

Who of you out there have become beyond frustrated with social media, neighborhood pages and group pages? I know I am not the only one. And who are these people trolling the pages for those of us trying to get the good word out. Fed up with being fed up so I started a new group and a new page. Freedom to promote and share, blog, post and advertise. How do any of us succeed? Word of mouth, referrals and brand recognition.

I have been doing some live videos providing a step by step tutorial of our service and our website. It is vital to show the world that we are here and the service that Porcgo LLC provides their members is freedom and peace of mind. The reality is that we are shopping online. It’s here, box stores are closing. We are being forced to shop online. It’s here time to embrace it. Unfortunately criminals are on board and surfing the sidewalks seeking lone packages left at the front door for hours.

Porcgo is the solution. Sharing with our community is my duty. We are creating solutions. So check it out. Take a look toward the solution. Enjoy the freedom of Porcgo.

Share, give the gift of freedom and sign up today.