> Porcgo offers e-commerce consumers the ease of shopping on line and knowing their packages are securely received every time at Porcgo secure facility.

How would delivery of my packages to Porcgo benefit me?

> Secure delivery of your packages. Out for the day, school, work, walking, living your life.

> Packages are delivered to the front door, leading to potential theft or damages from inclement weather.


> Who has time to wait for a package delivery?

> One of life’s biggest hassles is waiting for a package delivery.

> The second biggest hassle is missing it!

> Wine > Beer  > Soda Stream replacements and some high end products with expensive contents require a signature.

> Try a hassle free online shopping experience with porcgo.com. Get outside, save your personal days from work for an actual vacation, take advantage of the convenience that e-commerce offers and let Porcgo provide you with in-home or in person delivery.

Yes please, it would be wonderful to know my purchases are securely delivered inside my home. Yes please, I would prefer to have a delivery when I’m home due to my pets security. Yes please, I have a computer being delivered, oh yes please my box of designer clothes is scheduled for delivery this week. Yes please, I would prefer my packages are received at a secure location so I don’t miss the delivery again! Yes please!

Yes please, do you offer Porcgo in our area? Porcgo is available in Boulder County, Erie, Longmont and now we would like to introduce Porcgo to Broomfield. How can we help you enhance your online shopping experience?

So often people tell me about their package dilemmas. The latest experience a friend shared was a multiple delivery attempt for her soda stream CO2 cartridge. Because it is CO2 the package received requires a signature. Well the frustration of missing the delivery repeatedly resulted in the package being returned to the sender. No soda stream for another week. She also has wine of the month which she has to pick up at the nearest Safeway store because she needs to sign for the delivery. Yet wine of the month services market the convenience of delivery to the customers front door. Yes please receive my case of wine and deliver it safely inside my home.

Yes Please, and thank you Porcgo for the convenience, security, reliable, efficient, hassle free delivery of my packages and purchases in my home or in person.

Here we are in uncharted waters introducing a brand new service to the public. A service based solely on the this new day and age of online shopping and shipping. Porcgo is the only service offering secure delivery of purchases shipped to the consumer, insuring that the package is never left abandoned. Our service provides the same convenience of conventional shipping, with the added service of deliveries placed securely and safely placed inside your home. In addition we offer the option of scheduling a delivery to you in person. Either when you are home, or to your office or car.

It really does not get any simpler or more convenient for the consumer than Porcgo. Yes there are some of the bigger corporations embarking on this service. Consensus is that many of you here in our coverage area are simply uncomfortable with this concept. That is why we offer choices to our customers. Signing up for a Porcgo membership is not only for the shipping end of shopping. We also offer in-store pick ups for your convenience as well. That’s right you heard it correctly, we will go to your favorite stores where your order has been purchased and paid for, and pick it up. Delivery to the inside of your home or securely in your hands.

How it works:

  • Sign up for a membership: choose from 3 membership options
  • Once you are signed up: you will receive an e-mail from Porcgo with instructions
  • Copy and Paste the Porcgo Shipping Address along with your new customer code
  • The customer code is for Porcgo only: linking us to our database with your choice shipping option.
  • For all in-store pick ups, simply e-mail or text us your order and we will be off to pick it up.
  • Simple, concise, and secure

Any questions, we are available anytime. At Porcgo llc our main objective is Customer Service. It’s old school and it’s how a great service business becomes a success.

Join Porcgo today, one location for your packages to be shipped. Text update and photo of your packages when received at our Porcgo facility. Delivery Choices that work best for you. More importantly, NO MORE LOST PACKAGES.


Keep with it, it will happen. It takes time, it takes courage, and perseverance. That’s what I keep telling myself and that’s what I am hearing. One of the hardest things in this journey is keeping the faith and knowing that hard work, a strong will and a lot of luck is what it takes to succeed.

I understand this fully. I have committed myself before, this is not my first rodeo. I started a new business with everything to lose once before. I was a soon to be divorced mother with a little baby to care for. What I accomplished was hard work and a tremendous will to succeed. And I did. And here I am again, 15 years passed and like many of an entrepreneur before me paving a new path for myself and my family.

As exciting as it is during the creative part of business development, or what I call the dating period. Once you take the leap to the commitment phase is when the real work begins. Just like any new relationship taking that next step, it’s when you know if you have what it takes to stick with it.

This new business we have created is a little different. As we are embarking on a new service that is in the infant stages of being introduced. The bigger companies are dipping their toes in to these unchartered waters too. One day soon the service Porcgo is offering will be the norm. So how do I chum this untouched market to bite?


It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado. And like a good business owner I am back at it. Sailing the internet, posting on Twitter, trying to Instagram to no avail, FB’ing and more than likely I am being charged to see to see my own boosts. Can you see me?

I’m right here providing the hottest, most efficient and necessary new service created. Can you see my sail? Over here it says Package Optimal Receiving Choices GO: sign up.

You will see some great ads on our P O R C G O Facebook group page as well as Porcgo llc page. Why would I share all these amazing on line shopping memberships and services? The answer is Porcgo llc. Shop enjoy all the conveniences the web as has to offer, and rest assured that your purchases are securely delivered to you personally. Whether you choose our premier choice of in home delivery via Keyless Door Lock or Garage Door, or Schedule an In-Person Delivery when you are home. Porcgo insures your purchase is received.

Porch Pirates, that’s the new term for this problem. The risk of theft is higher than ever. What’s that annoying old adage, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Yes that one. So here we are and thanks to technology advances we can pick and purchase meals, pre-portioned, seasoning, instructions, Shopping all done. Your set to prepare a home cooked meal for yourself or the entire family. It’s all done for you and there are many companies to choose from now. Delivered straight to your front door! Of course like any good business promotion and brand recognition are keys to success. No fault in that. And great shopping opportunity to those Porch Pirates. They’re not picky, meals ready to cook which you purchased and – GONE!!! Infuriating, it’s happening all over our community. Criminals are savvy, brave and not stupid.

Cameras are not working, nor are neighborhood watches. Although thoughtful there are no set delivery times to assist neighbors in the effort to prevent theft.

All year long we are shopping, I personally love Zuilly.com, it’s addicting. The best deals especially for the kids. Zulily bags and boxes at the front door. Right there for the taking.

You get my point, CAN YOU SEE ME??? Porcgo llc is currently sailing Louisville, Colorado, Superior, Colorado, Lafayette, Colorado and Erie, Colorado. Located in Beautiful Downtown Louisville, Co. Our Captain, Sebastian Porc is stationed for you to stop by. Grab a magnet, say hello, join now.

Locally Owned and Operated. Support Small Business and see how a membership at Porcgo llc enhances your daily routine. Porcgo making our community even more amazing.

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It’s Friday 11/24/2017, the day after Thanksgiving and many are on vacation enjoying the family. I am sitting in my new very bare little office on Main Street in Louisville, Colorado trying every which way to reach out to the community and share the amazing new service I am trying to provide.

The concept is brilliant if I say so myself, and many of my friends, family and colleagues all conquer. It’s a brilliant idea, yes but getting the word out the consumer in this new day and age is a whole new bag of tricks. A bag of tricks I am stumbling over to try to reach as many I can.

Why is Porcgo the necessity we all need? Because box stores are closing all around us, and those that are open for our shopping whims and needs, often keep stock low. They are literally forcing us to shop online. With that option we are given the choice of in store pick up or the wonderful convenience of delivery to our front door. Porcgo is a service that accommodates consumers and assists with the safe and secure delivery of your purchases with choices. All packages are delivered to our central location, we then offer our clientele/members the option of:

  • In-Home Delivery-via keyless door lock or garage code
  • Scheduled Delivery-schedule a delivery when you are home
  • Office Pick Up: pick up your packages at our office conveniently located in Downtown Louisville
  • Delivery Service-Custom delivery to your car or office within our service area

Porcgo memberships also includes in store pick ups and delivery. I work, as a working mother the one thing that I often forget is the package pick ups at the ups store or post office. All due to the fact that I was not home to sign for my package. How many times has this happened to so many of us.

We have the most amazing services online accessible to us from our smart phones and computers.

Stitch Fix, have you all heard of this???? Amazing, a personal stylist for both men and women. All set, they send you a box of outfits and accessories, sized, fashioned and fitted for your body, your taste, and your budget. The box says right on it, Stitch Fix, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Apple, Samsung and Dell too, all have their branding on the boxes. My point, the world is literally at our fingertips, we can purchase anything, anywhere and they are making it progressively easier and easier and easier.

My question for you is this, lets say you are out and about, doing all your shopping. Food from Whole Foods in the nice brown Whole Foods Bags, a stop to the Apple Store, some clothes and shoes from Saks, and a few items for the kids from the Gap, and the other trendy and cool stores at the mall. Would you leave all your purchases in your car with the windows down, doors wide open? I assume the answer is no. So how can we assume that once we have our purchases delivered to the front door, that they will be there when we get home? How can you insure the weather won’t damage the integrity of your packages? There is always the chance that your package may require a signature, which you missed, and now your package will arrive a week later. Or better you have to rush to the post office or mail box store before they close and grab your package.

For as low as $28.50 a month, Porcgo provides you a personal assistant in charge of your packages and in store pick ups. Porcgo will save you quality time. Go take the dogs for a walk, enjoy a day with the kids, take in a movie, a yoga class. Your free now. Free with Porcgo.


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