Welcome to Package Optimal Receivable Choices . The mission of this service is to provide the safe and secure delivery of your products, packages, shipments safely and securely inside your home. Access will be made via keyless entry locks which the client will own or purchase upon signing up for this monthly service.

By signing up for a monthly Package Optimal Receivable Choices you are agreeing to provide secure access to your home or business via a keyless lock and/or not limited to garage code access.

  1. Package Optimal Receivable Choices will provide an individual code to each client. This code is to be copied and pasted to the delivery address label for all companies shipping to the client, including and not limited to e-commerce purchases, and deliveries via USPS.
    • All clients will be provided the shipping address, e-mail for notification of delivery times, and the custom code or mail stop number assigned to the client.
    • This mail stop code will access PORCGO LLC database and provide PORCGO LLC with the delivery address and instructions for delivery.
  2. Package Optimal Receivable Choices LLC is Bonded, covering breakage and theft inside the client’s home. PORCGO LLC is insured with a business policy through American Family Insurance, protecting the client from any liability of harm to staff of Package Optimal Receivable Choices LLC.  In addition, insurance covers damages which may or may not occur in the delivery vehicle. All client property will continue under PORCGO LLC coverage up to in-home delivery of the property at which time we are no longer liable.
  3. PORCGO LLC. is obliged and committed to sending a text picture of the packages and parcels as they are delivered by the shipping and mail service. This is to insure the integrity of your concierge service and prove the condition of all client property as we receive and accept packages. Signature packages will be received by PORCGO LLC and delivered to client’s home within 24 hours of receivable. No longer than 24-hour period for delivery, all clients have the option of expediting delivery, delivery times for expedited items will be delivered until 9:00 p.m. and placed inside the home or will be hand delivered to client or persons designated to receive packages at the home or business. Should there be any exclusions it must be requested in writing and approved by PORCGO LLC. PORCGO LLC will not leave any packages outside of the home. All packages and properties will be returned to PORCGO LLC secure facility and will be delivered the following day.
  4. PORCGO LLC. offers specialized pickup services within our designated jurisdiction, anything outside of the designated areas of coverage may be declined.
  5. PORCGO LLC. requires keyless entry for all packages, parcels, and property delivered. If for any reason the keyless entry system is not functioning, we have the right to return the property of our clients to the PORCGO LLC facility, until the locks are functioning.
  6. All deliveries and orders require notification to PORCGO LLC.  This is to ensure the timely delivery of expected packages and the ability to track packages for more timely and efficient delivery. All food items i.e., meal plans will be expedited for same day delivery.
  7. Cancellations are by written notice via e-mail or mail. This is a monthly membership; all membership cancellations will be acknowledged on the 15th and the 30th/31st of each month.
  8. Current package size PORCGO LLC will deliver currently will not exceed 100lbs. If there is a need for a special delivery, please contact the office and we will do our best to match our clients with the best service or we will arrange for some assistance if it is possible. We do have the right to refuse anyone service.
  9. Pets, if there are pets on the premises, dogs, kitties, birds, any animals PORCGO LLC needs to be notified and prepared for all situations. In the case of dogs and cats it would be best if the deliveries were placed in the garage to prevent any issues or stress on the pets.
  10. Additional term:  We reserve the right to refuse delivery of package at our location based on but not limited to the following reasons – 1) Unrecognized courier service or delivery method, 2) Suspicion of illegal contents, 3) Package damage that we believe may have compromised contents, 4)