Here we are in uncharted waters introducing a brand new service to the public. A service based solely on the this new day and age of online shopping and shipping. Porcgo is the only service offering secure delivery of purchases shipped to the consumer, insuring that the package is never left abandoned. Our service provides the same convenience of conventional shipping, with the added service of deliveries placed securely and safely placed inside your home. In addition we offer the option of scheduling a delivery to you in person. Either when you are home, or to your office or car.

It really does not get any simpler or more convenient for the consumer than Porcgo. Yes there are some of the bigger corporations embarking on this service. Consensus is that many of you here in our coverage area are simply uncomfortable with this concept. That is why we offer choices to our customers. Signing up for a Porcgo membership is not only for the shipping end of shopping. We also offer in-store pick ups for your convenience as well. That’s right you heard it correctly, we will go to your favorite stores where your order has been purchased and paid for, and pick it up. Delivery to the inside of your home or securely in your hands.

How it works:

  • Sign up for a membership: choose from 3 membership options
  • Once you are signed up: you will receive an e-mail from Porcgo with instructions
  • Copy and Paste the Porcgo Shipping Address along with your new customer code
  • The customer code is for Porcgo only: linking us to our database with your choice shipping option.
  • For all in-store pick ups, simply e-mail or text us your order and we will be off to pick it up.
  • Simple, concise, and secure

Any questions, we are available anytime. At Porcgo llc our main objective is Customer Service. It’s old school and it’s how a great service business becomes a success.

Join Porcgo today, one location for your packages to be shipped. Text update and photo of your packages when received at our Porcgo facility. Delivery Choices that work best for you. More importantly, NO MORE LOST PACKAGES.

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