Keep with it, it will happen. It takes time, it takes courage, and perseverance. That’s what I keep telling myself and that’s what I am hearing. One of the hardest things in this journey is keeping the faith and knowing that hard work, a strong will and a lot of luck is what it takes to succeed.

I understand this fully. I have committed myself before, this is not my first rodeo. I started a new business with everything to lose once before. I was a soon to be divorced mother with a little baby to care for. What I accomplished was hard work and a tremendous will to succeed. And I did. And here I am again, 15 years passed and like many of an entrepreneur before me paving a new path for myself and my family.

As exciting as it is during the creative part of business development, or what I call the dating period. Once you take the leap to the commitment phase is when the real work begins. Just like any new relationship taking that next step, it’s when you know if you have what it takes to stick with it.

This new business we have created is a little different. As we are embarking on a new service that is in the infant stages of being introduced. The bigger companies are dipping their toes in to these unchartered waters too. One day soon the service Porcgo is offering will be the norm. So how do I chum this untouched market to bite?


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