It’s a beautiful day here in Colorado. And like a good business owner I am back at it. Sailing the internet, posting on Twitter, trying to Instagram to no avail, FB’ing and more than likely I am being charged to see to see my own boosts. Can you see me?

I’m right here providing the hottest, most efficient and necessary new service created. Can you see my sail? Over here it says Package Optimal Receiving Choices GO: sign up.

You will see some great ads on our P O R C G O Facebook group page as well as Porcgo llc page. Why would I share all these amazing on line shopping memberships and services? The answer is Porcgo llc. Shop enjoy all the conveniences the web as has to offer, and rest assured that your purchases are securely delivered to you personally. Whether you choose our premier choice of in home delivery via Keyless Door Lock or Garage Door, or Schedule an In-Person Delivery when you are home. Porcgo insures your purchase is received.

Porch Pirates, that’s the new term for this problem. The risk of theft is higher than ever. What’s that annoying old adage, “no good deed goes unpunished”. Yes that one. So here we are and thanks to technology advances we can pick and purchase meals, pre-portioned, seasoning, instructions, Shopping all done. Your set to prepare a home cooked meal for yourself or the entire family. It’s all done for you and there are many companies to choose from now. Delivered straight to your front door! Of course like any good business promotion and brand recognition are keys to success. No fault in that. And great shopping opportunity to those Porch Pirates. They’re not picky, meals ready to cook which you purchased and – GONE!!! Infuriating, it’s happening all over our community. Criminals are savvy, brave and not stupid.

Cameras are not working, nor are neighborhood watches. Although thoughtful there are no set delivery times to assist neighbors in the effort to prevent theft.

All year long we are shopping, I personally love, it’s addicting. The best deals especially for the kids. Zulily bags and boxes at the front door. Right there for the taking.

You get my point, CAN YOU SEE ME??? Porcgo llc is currently sailing Louisville, Colorado, Superior, Colorado, Lafayette, Colorado and Erie, Colorado. Located in Beautiful Downtown Louisville, Co. Our Captain, Sebastian Porc is stationed for you to stop by. Grab a magnet, say hello, join now.

Locally Owned and Operated. Support Small Business and see how a membership at Porcgo llc enhances your daily routine. Porcgo making our community even more amazing.

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