It’s Friday 11/24/2017, the day after Thanksgiving and many are on vacation enjoying the family. I am sitting in my new very bare little office on Main Street in Louisville, Colorado trying every which way to reach out to the community and share the amazing new service I am trying to provide.

The concept is brilliant if I say so myself, and many of my friends, family and colleagues all conquer. It’s a brilliant idea, yes but getting the word out the consumer in this new day and age is a whole new bag of tricks. A bag of tricks I am stumbling over to try to reach as many I can.

Why is Porcgo the necessity we all need? Because box stores are closing all around us, and those that are open for our shopping whims and needs, often keep stock low. They are literally forcing us to shop online. With that option we are given the choice of in store pick up or the wonderful convenience of delivery to our front door. Porcgo is a service that accommodates consumers and assists with the safe and secure delivery of your purchases with choices. All packages are delivered to our central location, we then offer our clientele/members the option of:

  • In-Home Delivery-via keyless door lock or garage code
  • Scheduled Delivery-schedule a delivery when you are home
  • Office Pick Up: pick up your packages at our office conveniently located in Downtown Louisville
  • Delivery Service-Custom delivery to your car or office within our service area

Porcgo memberships also includes in store pick ups and delivery. I work, as a working mother the one thing that I often forget is the package pick ups at the ups store or post office. All due to the fact that I was not home to sign for my package. How many times has this happened to so many of us.

We have the most amazing services online accessible to us from our smart phones and computers.

Stitch Fix, have you all heard of this???? Amazing, a personal stylist for both men and women. All set, they send you a box of outfits and accessories, sized, fashioned and fitted for your body, your taste, and your budget. The box says right on it, Stitch Fix, Saks Fifth Avenue.

Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Apple, Samsung and Dell too, all have their branding on the boxes. My point, the world is literally at our fingertips, we can purchase anything, anywhere and they are making it progressively easier and easier and easier.

My question for you is this, lets say you are out and about, doing all your shopping. Food from Whole Foods in the nice brown Whole Foods Bags, a stop to the Apple Store, some clothes and shoes from Saks, and a few items for the kids from the Gap, and the other trendy and cool stores at the mall. Would you leave all your purchases in your car with the windows down, doors wide open? I assume the answer is no. So how can we assume that once we have our purchases delivered to the front door, that they will be there when we get home? How can you insure the weather won’t damage the integrity of your packages? There is always the chance that your package may require a signature, which you missed, and now your package will arrive a week later. Or better you have to rush to the post office or mail box store before they close and grab your package.

For as low as $28.50 a month, Porcgo provides you a personal assistant in charge of your packages and in store pick ups. Porcgo will save you quality time. Go take the dogs for a walk, enjoy a day with the kids, take in a movie, a yoga class. Your free now. Free with Porcgo.


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